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*All levels (beginner-advanced)

**leveled up (Intermediate-Advance)



the mmb program

All classes offered at MMB are designed to work together to create a long and lean dance physique.  There is an equal balance of cardio, strength, and stretching in our schedule with the intent for every student to be able to connect to their style of MMB fitness. 

cardio follow along sculpt*

This is an All Level* class. If you are looking for an easy to follow, dance fitness class, then this class is for you!  This class is 75 minutes long and will leave you feeling sweaty, sculpted, and happy. The first 50 minutes of class is our signature Cardio Follow Along work (easy to follow dance fitness steps). The next 15 minutes is devoted to our Barre-Sculpt method, strengthening muscles through light resistance and heavy repetition. The final 5 minutes of class will be stretching. No need to worry about memorizing routines and remembering choreography, the moves in this class are meant to boost your heart rate without making your brain do any heavy lifting.  Let the instructor guide you through various sequences that will still bring out your inner dancer, but in a fun, light, and uncomplicated manner. All you need is an open mind, clean dance sneakers or shoes, and a want to have a good time!


cardio dance**

This is a Leveled Up** class. This 60 minute class begins with a brief step-by-step tutorial.  This dance fitness class will challenge both your mind and your body!  Set to contemporary pop and hip hop music, with the occasional 80's and 90's throwback, this class is the heart of MMB. It is created with passion and intent to help bridge the gap between dance and fitness. The choreography is hearty enough to keep your interest piqued but repetitive enough to give you a heart thumping workout.  Be ready to sweat and leave it all on the dance floor! Jazz shoes or Dance Sneakers with a "pivot point" are recommended.  This class is Leveled Up**.

For a catalogue of routines, check out MMB on YouTube.

cardio dance tutorial*

This is a 30 minute instructional class that is intended to walk you through the Cardio Dance routines in an easy to follow manner.  The instructor will help you learn the steps to the current routines so that you can perform them in class with confidence and intention.  Beginners are strongly encouraged to attend this class to get the best jump start on our Cardio Dance program.  This class is for All Levels*.

cardio Hip hip*

 Our fabulous Zoe Curry rocks this fun, easy to follow hip hop class.  Be prepared for contemporary, urban music set, a stylized class, and moves that you can take with you next time you have a Girls Night Out!  This class is for All Levels*.

cardio ballroom*

This class combines Cardio Dance with styling and musicality of Ballroom rhythm, Latin, and smooth dances.  Set to pop music, the instructor basic elements from dances like Cha-Cha, Swing, Salsa, Samba, Rumba, and Tango (to name a few) through a new combination each week.  Ballroom dance shoes are so fun for this class!  But also feel free to wear dance sneakers or jazz shoes.  This class is for All Levels*.

mmb barre-sculpt*

This is a 60 minute strength class that encompasses the entire body.  This class is a unique and powerful combination of two popular strength classes, Barre and Sculpt. The MMB Barre-Sculpt class is segmented into three 20 minute sections.  The first 20 minutes will be a standing warm up followed by upper body work.  2-3 pound hand weights and light Thera-Bands are used to perform high repetitions with intention of building long and lean arm muscles.  The instructor will also lead students through a series of creative planks and "Barre" push-ups to round out this upper-body section.  The second section will be performed at our Ballet Barre.  Participants will move through a series of combinations at the Barre with the intent to shape and tone the thigh and seat muscles.  The third segment will be performed on the mat.  Students will be lead through a series of creative sculpting exercises that will tone your entire body, but will be heavily concentrated on the seat and abdominal muscles.  Welcome to all levels, but be prepared to sculpt, twist, think, and sweat!  This class is for All Levels*. 

mmb heated flow yoga*(Currently not on schedule)

This Yoga class will both sculpt and lengthen your whole body.  The MMB method of Yoga will set the traditional flow sequences to contemporary music that will invigorate the practice.  The Yoga itself is traditional in the respect that all Asanas are studied and delivered with full knowledge, but they are put together in a way that is artful and full of expression.  It can feel like a Yoga dance on the mat! Appropriate for all fitness levels as the instructor will offer modifications. The room is moderately heated to keep muscles supple.  This class is for All Levels*

cardio dance sculpt*

This class is a great place to begin a journey into Cardio Dance.  The first 40 minutes of class is filled with Basic, Level One, Cardio Dance routines.  The last 15 minutes will be an efficient head to toe MMB Sculpt that will leave you feeling lean, long, and strong.  This class is for All Levels*, however, students should expect to learn choreography. 


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