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"1-2 Step" with Ashley and Abbi
6:30 PM18:30

"1-2 Step" with Ashley and Abbi

This smokin' hot class will teach you the moves to a whole dance routine step-by-step that will for sure set the dance floor on fire!  Each time this class is offered, a new and fun routine will be taught.  The routine will be broken down and taught without music first and unlike our fitness dance classes, there will not be a lot of repetition in this class, the idea is to up the choreography ante! We encourage dressing up a bit, club style if you will, in order to set the tone for a performance based class.  So break out your sequins and go-out dance wear, and come learn a routine that could prepare you for a video audition. This class will bake place once a month on a Friday night and will be from 6:30pm-8pm.  Champagne and wine will be served from 6:30-7pm for our social time, non-alcoholic champ will also be an option.  To sign up, click here

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