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Aroma Yoga Flow-FREE Essential Oil Class with Kristy Howell

  • Movement Made Beautiful 12634 SR 23, Suite #2 Granger, Indiana 46530 USA (map)

Join Kristy Howell for a FREE Essential Oil yoga class at MMB! Click here to sign up!

Through essential oil use we can enhance our yoga practice. Certain oils have uplifting or calming properties. We will use these properties to our advantage in order to deepen and expand our yoga practice.

This class will start with an invigorating and uplifting combination of scents such as peppermint and sweet orange essential oils. Students will then flow through yoga poses that invigorate and stimulate the body, mind and spirit. Next we will focus on standing postures and longer holds with the use of a grounding essential oil such as Cedarwood and other tree oils.  

After these stamina increasing postures students will flow into softer more relaxing poses enhanced by soothing oils such as basil and geranium.  To end the practice students will melt down into their mats and soften into their inner self through savasana (deep meditative relaxation) and lavender essential oil.  

Appropriate for beginners to experienced yoga students

After the practice, please stay and join Kristy‘s as she gives FREE Wellness Consultations to help address and any issues you are experiencing. Some of the major things essential oils can help with are women’s health, hormone issues, energy and fatigue, anxiety, digestion and immune support.